The Origin of Coffee Enemas and Its’ Significance to Gerson Therapy

Where on earth does the concept of a coffee enema come from? The origin of coffee enemas is not so random, but not clinical either. Gerson Treatment has assisted in increasing the popularity of coffee enemas in recent years, however, the origins go way back.

One of the earliest recorded medical use of coffee enemas was towards the end of World War II. Medical supplies such as pain relievers and medications became scarce, and nurses were forced to get creative in treating their patients. At some point, even freshwater was not available in the front lines so nurses improvised by using whatever warm liquid they can to administer an enema  — coffee!

As it turns out, coffee enemas were mighty effective in relieving pain and discomfort. Patients got a shot of caffeine (because it is more quickly soaked up into the walls of the intestinal tract) and therefore revealed indications of enhancement of state of mind, energy and overall health. From then on coffee enema surged in popularity although the science behind it did not come till much later on.

A German researcher named Max Gerson (the creator of Gerson Therapy) as a physician ended up being associated with cancer research study after his migraine remedy was found to also treat tuberculosis, and Type II diabetes. He, later on, established these remedies and eventually developed Gerson Therapy as a means of dealing with many illnesses in addition to curing cancer.

Coffee enemas played a significant role in Gerson Therapy.

No matter such incredible results, Gerson Therapy Coffee Enema is a subject of heated discussion. Similar to numerous forms of alternative medicine, many in the medical community refute Gerson’s claims that he can treat cancer.

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) states that Gerson’s records do not provide sufficient comprehensive information to support his claims. They say that Gerson treatment has not been shown to cure cancer or have any desirable effect at all on cancer patients. Regardless, numerous still choose to follow his procedure as an alternative to chemotherapy, which itself has lots of drawbacks as a “treatment” for cancer.

At the minimum it Gerson makes us realise the number of toxins we unintentionally put into our bodies every day. Sometimes even just a diet plan change can make our chronic illnesses disappear, and can even treat more serious illness. Illness such as weight problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, allergic reactions, and many other degenerative diseases can be healed. Just speaking it is a diet plan made from health foods that break down infected tissue in the body. Also, enemas aid in getting rid of the lifelong buildup of toxins from the liver and intestines.

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