What do I do?

By day I’m a dietitian working with patients one-on-one or in the community helping them solve their nutrition problems. I love my job. I can’t stress how amazing it feels to have a patient leave my office either motivated, or with a new understanding twinkling in their eye.
How did I get here?

This is a multi-part question, and really I’ll answer over some blog posts I’m sure, but here is a condensed version. I have always loved food, but we haven’t had the smoothest of relationships, to say the least. Eventually I realized that food is not the enemy, food is amazing, and powerful and can have a tremendous influence on our health. I have always wanted to help people and give back to the world that has given me such amazing opportunities, and I realized that perhaps through food I could do this (read up on my other career choices here). I love helping people realize they can eat healthy and enjoy food, and that they can eat food without fear of (gasp) getting fat, or that their weight does not determine what they’re “allowed” to eat. And I love solving food problems: how do you eat healthy on a budget? If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, and (for the sake of complicating things) are allergic to every nut in existence, what are you going to eat?